Arcade fightpad Razer Raion wants to give you the edge in fighting games

It’s a knockout
15 October 2019 / 12:42BST

When you’re in the middle of a virtual scrap, you don’t want your controller’s failings to lead to you being repeatedly punched in the face. This is why Razer Raion (£99.99) radically rethinks the classic wired gamepad. Designed with feedback from the fighting game community, it combines the best bits of arcade sticks and traditional console controllers. Compatible with PS4 and PC, its unconventional set-up comprises a tactile 8-way D-pad, six face buttons with an 80-million tap lifecycle, and shoulder buttons/triggers. The D-pad reportedly makes it a cinch to reach those all-important diagonals, while the larger-than-normal optimally spaced buttons help you hit combos. There’s even a competition mode that lets you disable extra buttons and ensure an errant prod doesn’t leave you floored.