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GameSir’s X3 mobile controller cools your phone while you game

Update: After crowdfunding success, the ice-cool controller is on general sale

Mobile gaming is big business, and it’s never been easier to slap a controller on your phone and turn it into a fully-fledged handheld console. GameSir’s X3 Type-C is the latest peripheral vying for your hard-earned – only this one adds serious cooling into the mix as well.

The X3 blitzed its funding target on Indiegogo back in May, and has now gone into full production. US customers can pick one up from Amazon right now for $99, with UK order books set to open at the end of July.

Boldly described as the ultimate mobile controller by its maker, the follow-up to the unmistakably Nintendo Switch-like X2 is the most advanced accessory GameSir has made to date.

Like the brand’s previous mobile controllers, the X3 connects to your (Android-only, for now) phone’s USB-C port and features full-size thumbsticks, face buttons and a D-Pad. The big difference here is that this controller also has an integrated peltier cooling system (complete with RGB lighting, obviously) that prevents your phone from getting too toasty while you play Genshin Impact long into the night. 

To use the cooler you’ll need to have it connected to power, and it has its own USB-C port to ensure you don’t have to move anything around. The thermoelectric cooling is a major step up over basic fan cooling; so much so that once powered it promises up to a massive 24°C drop in surface temperature. 

As for the controller itself, the default ABXY buttons are detachable, allowing you to rearrange them in a western or Nintendo-style configuration if you prefer, while the D-Pad and sticks are also interchangeable. There’s a capture button on the device, and support for nearly all Android games, as well as streaming platforms such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, GeForce Now and Steam Link. 

As there’s no battery (the controller draws power from your phone) the X3 weighs in at just 270g, so it won’t constantly remind you of its presence in a backpack.

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