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Fitbit’s Ace LTE is like a Google Pixel fitness smartwatch for kids

Fitbits latest tracker is the Ace LTE. It's designed for kids aged 7+ to keep them healthy and in contact with parents

Fitbit Ace LTE

There are all manner of fitness trackers out there, each specialising it counting some metric or another. But what about making fitness more fun for your kids? That’s what Google and Fitbit are trying to do with the new Fitbit Ace LTE. It’s like a fitness-focused Google Pixel Watch for kids, chock-full of safety features. The other benefit to keeping the little ones active? LTE means you can keep in touch with them, wherever they run off to (without being a helicopter mum or dad).

Fitbit’s Ace LTE is designed to get kids moving by turning exercise into a game. Your child has to run around the garden to unlock more time playing their favourite video game. With interactive 3D games tailored specifically for this device, kids could be racing as a chicken in space or fishing for quirky creatures in “Smokey Lake”. Games get refreshed every few months, so there’s always something new.

Keeping track of all this activity is the Noodle – Fitbit’s unique activity ring. It encourages all kinds of physical fun, from hide and seek to sibling dance-offs. It’s been built with the highest standards of privacy and safety. Parents are the only ones who can see their child’s location or activity data, which gets deleted after a set period. No ads, no third-party apps, and only parent-approved contacts can connect with the device.

Fitbit Ace LTE also introduces eejies – little creatures that thrive on your child’s activity. Think Tamagotchis. The more your kid moves, the healthier and happier their eejie becomes. They can earn arcade tickets to customise their eejie’s outfits and living spaces, adding another layer of motivation to stay active. There are also collectable bands which unlock unique items, styles, and Noodles – like a mini game cartridge. These bands are sold separately, and new ones will keep rolling out.

Parents can relax with the Fitbit Ace LTE’s built-in features. Using the Fitbit Ace Pass and app, you can check your child’s real-time location, send messages, and manage settings to ensure the watch doesn’t become a classroom distraction. And soon, there’ll be a Tap to Pay feature, so kids can handle pocket money with ease.

There’s no need for a separate SIM card or activation fees – it’s all included in the Fitbit Ace Pass. The watch itself is water-resistant up to 50 metres, has a battery life of more than 16 hours, and sports a scratch-resistant, dustproof display made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Plus, you get a free bumper in the box for extra durability.

You can pre-order the Fitbit Ace LTE for $230 exclusively from the Google Store or Amazon from 5 June. To keep those calls, messages, and games running, you’ll need the Fitbit Ace Pass data plan at $9.99/month or $119.99 annually.

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