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FiiO’s FT3 open-back headphones pack a punch for a more affordable price

60mm dynamic drivers for under £300

FiiO FT3 open-back headphones on desk

High-end headphones usually costs a pretty penny, but FiiO’s latest set of headphones aims to be more affordable. The brand’s first pair of open-back headphones, dubbed the FT3, manage to pack in 60mm dynamic drivers to deliver hi-res sound straight to your lugs.

Powering this set of open-back headphones is a pair of 60mm dynamic drivers. They’re housed in an aluminium alloy for protection, while still being lightweight enough to sit on your head. In order for the FT3s to deliver high-quality sound, FiiO put some thought into the headphone design. Extra touches such as a plated gasket around the diaphragm, and a magnetic system for more efficient driver control result in a more sophisticated sound. The drivers are also angled, to reduce sound loss from the natural ear shape.

In fact, this set of cans manages to achieve a 350Ω impedance to filter out noise for a clearer sound. You’ll also get a frequency response of 7Hz – 40kHz, and a sensitivity up to 105dB. And how is this delivered to the FT3s? Via a high-quality copper cable, of course! What’s more, the headphone cable comes with included adapters for maximum compatibility. You’ll find 3.5mm, 6.5mm, 4.4mm, and XLR-4 plugs for connectivity to devices ranging from audio players, DACs, and smartphones.

Fancy hooking FiiO’s latest headphones around your noggin? The FT3 open-backs are available to order directly from the brand for $299/£289/€299. Included with the headphones, you’ll get two pairs of swappable ear pads, a leather carry case, and the adapter accessories we mentioned.

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