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DJI’s new backup battery can juice up just about any device

It's a backup battery that can charge your drone, phone, and other small appliances. DJI can juice up just about any gadget you've got!

DJI Battery Pack

While you’d typically expect a new drone from DJI, the brand’s latest device is going to juice up all your other gadgets. It’s a 1024Wh battery pack that can juice up just about any device that you can plug into it. That’s everything from microwave ovens, to charging up your phone, and, yes, of course, drones as well. There are two options to pick from: the Power 1000 and its little brother, the Power 500.

The Power 1000 is quite the beast, weighing a hefty 13kg (about 29 pounds) and packing a 1024 Wh battery capacity. It can belt out up to 2200W. That’s enough juice to keep your microwave running long enough to pop a mountain of popcorn (well, for about 1.3 hours) and keep a car fridge cool for nearly a full day. Fancy flying your drone non-stop? This powerhouse can charge it up to 12 times. And your smartphone? Around 57 times. Yeah, it can handle a lot. It’s not just good for juicing up your gadgets, but to keep appliances going in a power cut.

For those who don’t need quite as much power or who prefer something a tad lighter, there’s the Power 500. This 7.3 kg pack (around 16.3 pounds) offers 512 Wh of capacity and a 1000W output. It’ll cost you half as much as its bigger sibling, and can power all the same devices. But for half as long.

Both models can be zapped back to full power quicker than it takes to watch a feature film, with a full charge in just 70 minutes. Or if you’re in a bind, it’ll reach 80% in just 50 minutes. They also come equipped with a couple of nifty USB-C PD ports for all your charging needs, powerful enough to keep even the hungriest laptops satiated. You can hook the battery pack up to solar panels as well, to ensure that it doesn’t run flat. These units as the perfect partners for charging not just any gear but particularly DJI’s own drones and tech gadgets.

If you’re itching to get your hands on one of these, the Power 1000 is available for $999/£879/€999, while the Power 500 will set you back $500/£459/€529. Fancy going green? Tack on a 120W Zignes solar panel for an additional $299. You can order them directly from DJI.

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