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Stuff Choice: power banks

With great power comes great responsibility…what to charge first?

Knomad Mini Power

“If it’s not in a cotton canvas twill sleeve, it’s not worth charging.” With a 5000mAh battery and assorted connectors, this keeps your gadgets juiced and tidy. knomobags.com / £120 

2 Robot Head Power Plus

It might look like Marvin’s slightly upset android brother, but this charger’s 10,400mAh reserve can fuel up two devices at once. firebox.com / £50

3 Powermonkey Explorer 2

This waterproof, dustproof can o’ juice will charge your phone three times over, and when it runs out you can attach a hand crank or solar panel for endless power. powertraveller.com / £80

4 Brunton Revolt 4000

With a 4000mAh capacity and hardy exo-shell, the Revolt is anything but revolting. It even comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee. brunton.com / £40

5 Snooper Ventura PB60

Looking like a prop from a K-pop remake of Full Metal Jacket, the PB60 offers 10,400mAh of juice at a rapid 1.5A. With a flexible body and magnetic ends, it’s fun to muck about with, too. snooper.co.uk / £40

6 Samsung Animal Edition

No monkeying around here, with a huge 11,300mAh to last you while you Google the four endangered species the different packs are designed to raise awareness of. expansys.com / £45

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