SmartHalo 2 is an all-in-one connected device for your bike

Bit of an angel
11 June 2019 / 12:05BST

Smart devices you already own might be aware of your bike, but the information they serve up isn’t glanceable. You don’t want to swerve into a river while peering at your Apple Watch, and your smartphone’s not ideal for getting facts and stats from when cycling, short of you gluing the thing to your handlebars. Enter: SmartHalo 2 (about £79). This tiny gadget connects to any bike’s handlebars, and gives you a slew of info. You can swipe through fitness metrics, be warned when it’s about to pour down, and navigate by various route types (fast/safe/flat) – all while a 250-lumen light illuminates the darkness. There’s an anti-theft system, too – not only does SmartHalo 2 securely mount to your two-wheeled pride and joy, but a built-in alarm will deafen nefarious types considering a spot of cycle pilfering.

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