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Mini marks its 60th birthday by going electric (finally)

Three-door hatchback arrives in March 2020

Considering the original Mini was conceived as a result of an oil shortage, in these more environmentally conscious times it’s a little surprising that it’s taken quite so long for the company to embrace the power of electricity. A full 60 years after the first Mini rolled off the production line, the Mini Electric (from £24,400) has arrived, with a single 135kW motor that puts 184hp through the front wheels. That gives it a 0-62 time of 7.3 seconds and 93mph top speed, so we’re not exactly talking Tesla numbers here, but the maximum range of 144 miles means it makes up for it with anxiety-banishing stamina. It also comes with a special 5.5in digital dashboard, plus a 6.5in touchscreen centre console that supports Apple CarPlay. Tempted? You can pre-order now but don’t get too excited just yet; you won’t get behind the wheel until March 2020.