Lucid Motors’ new Tesla rival charges in no time at all

And it’ll go faster too
10 September 2020 / 14:44BST

Fancy a fancy EV but can’t stomach giving your money to Elon Musk? Lucid Motors’ new Air (from US$80,000) might have arrived just in time. The futuristic saloon has a maximum range of over 500 miles, but just 20 minutes of charging will juice it enough to hit 300. That means less time plugged in at service stations and more time to make the most of the 1080 horses under the bonnet, which can take you from 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds, with an restricted top speed of 168mph. For that you’ll need the $169,000 Dream Edition, which will be the first model available in spring 2021, with the more affordable ones following afterwards.

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