The Lightyear One is the world's first long-range solar car

Champion of the sun
25 June 2019 / 12:58BST

Clean mobility specialist Lightyear has unveiled the world's first long-range solar car. Christened the Lightyear One (€199,000), the prototype draws power from solar cells integrated into the hood and roof. The cells themselves cover five square meters and are covered in safety glass so strong that an adult could walk over them without causing any dents. The slick long-ranger has also been constructed from low-weight materials, and is propelled by four independently driven wheels so no energy is lost in transit from engine to wheel. In additional to solar power, the Lightyear One can also be charged at a fast-charging station or regular outlet, so don't worry about falling short on those overcast days. Those of you with a spare bucket of cash lying around can pre-order the Lightyear One right now, with delivery expected in 2021.

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