Logitech’s Mevo kit makes any room into a broadcast studio with multi-cam live-streaming

Cut to camera three
6 days ago

One lens might be fine for quick Insta stories, but new angles are the way to boost your broadcast audience. Want multi-cam magic without a full production team? Add Logitech’s Mevo kit to your streaming room. Each wireless Start camera can shoot 1080p footage across an 83.7-degree field of view. Plus integrated noise-cancelling mics with spatial processing ensure your audio will be all talk, no fizzle. But the real smarts start in the Mevo Multicam app: with three cams connected via Wi-Fi, one tap is all it takes to switch shots during a stream. What’s more, Auto-Director allows you to mix audio, add text and overlay graphics on the fly – no editor necessary. Each cam lasts for six hours on a single charge, with the option of wired power for constant recording. Tripod mounts make positioning a cinch, while support for every major streaming platform (from YouTube to Twitch to Vimeo) means you can reach more viewers. Available from 29 October, a three-pack will set you back £999 – or start with one short for £400