Canon’s new photo printer proves that it’s hip to be square

Peely good
17 February 2020 / 18:02GMT

Physical media seem to be forever under threat, but where there’s a boringly blank fridge, there will always be room for photos. And Canon’s battery-powered Selphy Square QX10 wants to make printing them as easy as possible. The latest addition to the Selphy line prints square (2.7x2.7in) snaps straight from your paired smartphone in just 42 seconds. The use of dye sub tech gives your photos an extra layer of quality and, Canon says, resists the effects of fading for up to 100 years. The company’s XS-20L square photo paper (sold separately) has a peel-and-stick back and features a bordered edge for hand-written captions. Or if you prefer a more digital approach, the Selphy Photo Layout app lets you customise your photos before printing. The Canon SELPHY SQUARE QX10 will be available at £139.99 and packs of 20 Canon XS-20L square format photo paper at £14.99 from Canon’s online store and official Canon retailers from March 2020.