Wearbuds are wireless earbuds you charge using a health tracker worn on your wrist

One to watch
24 June 2019 / 15:51BST

Wireless earbuds are great – until you lose one, or they run out of power and you realise you’ve left the charger somewhere. Or lost that as well. Enter: (Wearbuds $99). These earbuds are packed with tech to blast into your ears what their creators call “uncompromised audio quality”, but the interesting bit is what happens on your wrist. There sits a chunky but nice-looking band that’s primarily a charger you securely shove the Wearbuds in when they need some juice. The band makes itself useful in other ways, too, with a 0.96in touch display for tracking health stats, displaying notifications, and functioning as a clock and alarm. Handy to stop you accidentally spending four hours burning calories bopping away in the park when you were supposed to be eating lunch and returning to work.