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The Sonos Sub Mini is, well, a smaller sub (as you’d expect)

Designed for smaller spaces and for pairing with lower-end Sonos gear

Sonos has revealed a smaller version of its Sub, called the Sub Mini. Again it’s wireless and clocks in at less than half the weight of the original Sub and costs $429/£429. It goes on pre-order tomorrow and is fully available on 6 October. As you can see it’s available in white and black as with other Sonos gear.

The new, cylindrical Sub Mini is designed for small-to-medium size spaces and to work with lower-priced Sonos gear, particularly Sonos Ray and Beam on the soundbar front but also the One series and Ikea Symfonosk gear, too.

If you connect it up to one of those models it’ll handle the low frequencies primarily leaving the other Sonos gear to focus on the mid-range and high frequencies. The Sub Mini uses a robust 5GHz wireless connection so you shouldn’t get any interference.

Sub Mini clocks in at 6.35 kg compared to the 16kg Sub and measures 23x31x23cm compared to the Sub’s 39x40x16cm size. The Sub Mini boasts dual 6-inch force-cancelling woofers plus dual Class-D amplifiers. If you’re using it with the iOS app you’ll be able to tune it to the room with Trueplay. As you’d expect, the volume stays in sync with your paired soundbar or speaker. You’re also able to adjust the EQ in the Sonos app.

The Sub Mini’s design is different from the Sub because it’s a cylinder rather than a square, but Sonos says the central bass tunnel is designed to look similar to the Sub.

Sub Mini will still pair with Sonos Arc if you have one of those, but it will only work well if the room fits into the smaller category. Sonos says that larger rooms need the combination of Arc/Sub to work well.

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