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Ikea’s new Symfonisk speaker lamp is a Sonos with swappable shades

Light and sound

It’s a long-running rivalry in the battle for bookshelf supremacy: lamp versus speaker. One brings an ambient glow to your abode, the other delivers beats to move your feet. But in a world where domestic real estate is at an all-time premium, few shelves are big enough for both.

Fear not, for the Swedes have the answer: first seen in 2019, Ikea’s Symfonisk table lamp combines a freestanding shiner with a Sonos Wi-Fi speaker, in a package that’s perfectly proportioned for most mantlepieces. And the glower just got an upgrade.

Slicker than before, the refreshed Symfonisk serves up an extra dose of Scandi design smarts: the base and shade are now separate elements, so those with an eye for interior design can switch in a different jacket to suit the room. Shipped in white or black, the bottom can be topped with a sculpted glass cylinder or a fabric mesh surround. And thanks to an E26/E27 socket fitting, it can also buddy up with a bigger range of bulbs.

Like the first edition, the Symfonisk table lamp still features a Sonos Wi-Fi speaker system in its base, but the new version benefits from an overhauled acoustic architecture. Courtesy of a custom waveguide, the streaming stand can pump out superior sound across 180 degrees, whether it’s working alone or hooked up to other Sonos stuff (including additional Symfonisk kit).

Available in the US since October, the second-gen Symfonisk speaker lamp has finally arrived in the UK. Costlier than the original, the fabric combo will set you back £179 ($170), while those going for glass will need to shell out £199 ($190).

The beacons are soon to be followed by a tweaked version of Ikea’s matching Symfonisk bookshelf speakers, complete with faster, more efficient hardware inside. Luckily, the design hasn’t changed, so you can still use them as shelves themselves – which could finally put an end to the scramble for surface space.

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