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The Sonos PlayBase is the best thing to happen to your TV in years

The PlayBase mixes movie sound, streaming and being a TV stand

Top tip: a stack of back issues of Stuff magazine makes a handy way to raise your TV up over the top of your soundbar. But, if that’s too low-fi a solution, and you were looking to begin/add to your wireless speaker collection, then good news! The £699 Sonos PlayBase is a solid slab of TV sound engineering, upon which sits your TV. Within the PlayBase are ten speaker drivers for expansive, immersive sound, plus all of the wireless Sonos trickery used for its app-driven multiroom speaker systems. You can even add a couple of smaller Sonos speakers and a Sonos sub to make a 5.1 system. Top tip: a really big pile of Stuff magazines makes a truly terrible surround speaker stand.

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