Samsung’s S-Series soundbars bring bigger sound to smaller tellies

Sizing things up
02 July 2020 / 15:30BST

Finding the right soundbar for your telly is all about proportions. Too small and it’ll seem weedy in comparison, too big and it’ll look ludicrous, like a toddler riding a penny farthing. If your screen is around the 40in mark, Samsung’s new S-Series (£399) should be just right. It comes in two colours: the S60T is black, while the S61T is grey. In every other respect they’re identical, with 180W of sound-pushing power and four separate channels coming from six drivers. At each end you’ll find a horn speaker, which uses Samsung’s upfiring acoustic beam tech to pipe the audio into every crevice of your lounge and make the soundstage as wide as possible. They’ve also got Alexa onboard, will stream music over Wi-Fi, and can even connect to your telly via Bluetooth, which is one less wire to worry about round the back. Still too wide? An even more compact S40T is on the way later this month.