NAD's amplifier looks like classic hi-fi but receives signals from the future

There's Chromecast trickery behind that unassuming face
16 April 2017 / 8:48BST

The word 'simply' is completely devalued in Tech Town. 'Simply' plug a Chromecast Audio into any amplifier, and then 'simply' power the Chromecast Audio using a USB socket. But those two things might just be the two extra little conditions for happiness that drive you off the edge of your melon, leading to a full lounge-audio breakdown and a long period of silence. But, so long as your amplifier budget was already around about the £600 mark, you could just get this Chromecast-integrated NAD C338. Stream music to it from all sorts of apps that support 'casting. It also has Bluetooth and, of course, conventional analogue and digital connections, including a phono stage for your non-futuristic turntable.