KEF's Muo Metal goes for chrome

Shiny enough to make a magpie jealous
07 August 2017 / 17:59BST

We’re suckers for a good-looking gadget here at Stuff, so when one of our favourite wireless speakers gets a swanky new makeover, you can bet we’re taking notice. The aptly named KEF Muo Metal has ditched its usual colours for a polished chrome finish, fancy enough that it's scored itself an exclusive at Harrods. On the inside, it’s still the great KEF Muo speaker that we know and love though, with a big, full-bodied performance, 12-hour battery life and sensors that’ll optimise the sound depending on its orientation. Created as part of an ongoing collaboration with Ross Lovegrove, the designer behind the British hi-fi brand’s £140,000-a-pair Muon speakers, the KEF Muo Metal is available for now for a much more reasonable £349.95.