House of Marley wants to make your home audio setup greener with the Get Together Duo bookshelf speakers

Wood if you could
06 April 2021 / 17:36BST

If you care as much about where your audio tech came from as you do its sonic muscle, House of Marley is a pretty good place to start. The eco-conscious brand has today expanded its Get Together collection by introducing the Duo bookshelf speakers. Made with sustainably-sourced materials like bamboo and House of Marley’s own cotton and hemp Rewind fabric, they might appear an attractive shade of light brown, but these speakers all about that green love. Inside are two 3.5in woofers and a 20W tweeter, and House of Marley says bamboo’s high compressive strength not only makes for a more durable product, but one that produces a richer, warm sound too boot. One of the stereo Duo speakers is mains-powered, but the other is battery, so you can move it where you want, with the two connecting wirelessly. It should last about 20 hours on a full charge. You can connect any Bluetooth 5.0 device, and if you want to go all in on the bamboo aesthetic, the Duo will pair with the House of Marley Stir it Up Wireless turntable too. The Get Together Duo is available to buy now for £180.