Grado Labs is launching a pair of limited edition cans inspired by the swinging '60s

Love, peace, and top-notch audio
31 July 2019 / 11:50BST

Grado Labs newest over-ears are quite unlike anything we've seen before. Simply dubbed 'The White Headphone,' the silky smooth cans are a limited edition version of Grado's GS1000e. Prestige Series that've been enhanced with a brushed aluminium housing that dampens distortion and slick 1960's styling inspired by the look of one very famous record. Hand-built in the company's New York headquarters, The White Headphone also packs an 8 conductor cable to better control the upper and lower ranges of the frequency spectrum to deliver pitch perfect midranges, and an open air design that should create a more natural soundscape. The White Headphone (£795) will be available in "very limited" quantities when it arrives this August, so it's probably worth keeping an eye on these bad boys.