Forget musical chairs, Ruark’s R7 MkIII is a musical table

It's the future of furniture
24 August 2017 / 12:06BST

Tables usually have one job: to get between gravity and the floor. Most of the time they’re pretty good at it but Ruark must’ve thought our four-legged friends were getting complacent, because back in 2013 it invented the R7 - part table, part hi-fi system. With built-in speakers, amp and CD player, plus streaming over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and via Spotify Connect, the redesigned MkIII (£2300) is slimmer, with improved analogue circuitry and support for multiroom playback using other R7s, Ruark’s R2 all-in-one or the forthcoming MRx. So even though it might look old-fashioned, underneath it’s a thoroughly modern bit of kit. Just remember to use a coaster, OK?


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