Astell&Kern SP2000 comes with dual DACs and a hefty price tag

High-end MP3 player promises to make your music sound better than ever
08 May 2019 / 12:57BST

You can’t really buy MP3 players anymore. Apple still sells the iPod Touch but it does much more than just play music - it’s got a camera and apps and costs £199 for just 32GB of storage. If you’re going to pay over the odds for a glorified jukebox you might as well really go for it and drop £2999 on Astell&Kern’s new SP2000. There’s no messing around with games or video calls here, just a pair of Asahi Kasei DACs and proper independent audio channels for a wider soundstage and better stereo separation. You do get a 5in touchscreen and a much more generous 512GB of storage to fill with tunes, which you’re going to need if you want to make the most of its 32-bit/768KHz hi-res audio support, although you can always use the built-in Wi-Fi to stream from Tidal as well. The SP2000 goes on sale in July, so you’ve still got plenty of time to save up.