The aspara is a Smart Indoor Garden that lets you grow veggies in your home

What a thyme to be alive
05 January 2019 / 10:00GMT

There’s nothing quite like growing your own fresh herbs and vegetables. But not everyone is blessed with a decent sized garden or a green thumb. Enter aspara's compact Smart Indoor Garden for gardeners of all skill levels. The grow box acts as a miniaturised hydroponics farm system, which is method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrients in a water solvent to cut out all the nasty pesticides and chemicals. With LED “grow” lights and an automated water system, the box uses smart sensors to detect and report on the growth and conditions of the plants to adjust the settings and help your plants thrive. There’s even a dedicated app to help you keep track of your plants progress and learn useful gardening tips. Currently on Kickstarter with pledges starting from around £315, the indoor garden comes with a selection of seed capsules, with everything from dill to cherry tomatoes. They’re currently due to be shipped April 2019.

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