Why the smart money’s still on CD

If you want music quality and convenience, discover via streaming services but get those lossless kicks via CD, says Simon Lucas

Everyone will tell you they’re ‘into’ music. And I’m not judging (God knows I have my shortcomings) but not everyone means it. Not all the time, anyway. There’s a big difference between ‘sticking some music on’ for a nice bit of ambience and devoting time to listening to music.

I like to do both. When I’m after some background music, or when I’m in company, I like to chuck on some internet radio or have a trawl through a generic online music streaming service. All right, Spotify. But when the opportunity presents itself, I like to get comfy and have a really single-minded listen. And that’s when I listen to LPs or CDs. Because while LPs and CDs have quite distinct sonic characteristics, they have one thing in common: they sound miles better than online radio or streaming services. Miles better.

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