Which fitness app is best for you?

Feeling energetic this autumn? Hit download and get your sweat on

Back from the beach and ready to ditch your workout regime ’til next summer? Not so fast.

See, it’s a little-known fact that exercising all-year-round keeps you in better shape than a six-week sweat-fest before your annual sunny sojourn. Who knew.

So unpack your pumps and cancel that biscuit club subscription: you’re not hibernating this year.

You don’t even need a gym membership. All it takes a quick trip to the App Store and, before you can say “Who needs Cross Fit when you have Wii Fit”, you’ll be feeling fitter than ever.

Best for weight watchers: MyFitnessPal

Already doing your best to banish the pounds? Give your diligent dieting a boost with MyFitnessPal, a calorie-counting companion that combines food-logging with exercise data from your fitness tracker (including Fitbit and Garmin devices) to provide an all-in-one answer to waistline control.

With a database of more than one million meals – as well as the option to add your own – it’s a cinch to stick in those chocolate cake cheat days.

Download MyFitnessPal for iOS here (£free/IAP)

Download MyFitnessPal for Android here (£free/IAP)

Best for wannabe Wiggins: Strava

If your perfect Sunday morning means donning leggings and hopping on the saddle, it’s time to download Strava: the handlebar app used by millions.

Track your trails with GPS smarts, race along routes set by others and tap into all sorts of pedal-powered data – from distance to speed to elevation – as well as connecting with friends and offering feedback on their rides.

It’ll also play nice with a host of trackers and watches, while pairing it with a heart-rate monitor really pumps things up.

Download Strava for iOS here (£free/IAP)

Download Strava for Android here (£free/IAP)

Best for couch potatoes: C25K

Say no to the sofa with C25K, an 8-week life-changer that’ll have you running a 5km race in a jiffy. Three half-hour sessions a week are all it takes, as you’re cheered on to your training goals by vocal cues from an audio coach.

It's compatible with Nike+ and several fitness apps, while easy sharing integration means you can trumpet your newfound fitness to all your Facebook friends.

Download C25K for iOS here (£free/IAP)

Download C25K for Android here (£free/IAP)

Best for busy bees: Seven

Leave the excuses on the living room floor: Seven squeezes your daily dose of sweating into just 420 seconds – without a gym in sight.

Every exercise is bodyweight-only, while premium members gain access to a host of targeted workouts. A session a day for seven months is the aim, with an array of awards to encourage your commitment – in case the bulging biceps in the mirror aren’t enough.

Download Seven for iOS here (£free/IAP)

Download Seven for Android here (£free/IAP)

Best for yoga lovers: Pocket Yoga

Searching for your chakra? Put Pocket Yoga on your smartphone and you’ll be stretching and swaying in seconds. With 27 sessions of varying difficulty, even first-time plankers ought to be OK, while a dictionary of poses will put paid to downward dog confusion.

Voice instructions mean you can keep your focus without looking down, too, so you can dream of that blueberry chia smoothie in peace.

Download Pocket Yoga for iOS here (£2.99)

Download Pocket Yoga for Android here (£2.51)