The ten commandments of Overwatch

Colourful and joyful it may be, but Overwatch is also mighty competitive - here's how to master it

The Overwatch open beta has officially begun! For the next five days you can sample Blizzard’s latest masterpiece without spending a penny.

Us lucky Stuffers have had access to the game for months already, though, and being the benevolent folks we are have assembled our collective experience into a bunch of tips and tricks so that you can properly compete is this short window of gameplay before the final launch.

And it's really not just about you. This is a team game, and the friends and random gamers that are allies in battle are relying on you to hold your own, so think of these less as simple tips and more as commandments. You'll have more fun when you win, too.

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1) Thou shalt not assemble an unbalanced team

The side packing the most effective mix of heroes generally wins out. If you’re without a support hero or a tank then you probably won’t weather the enemy assault. Equally, without enough offense your opponents won't have to defend and can concentrate on attacking, in which case they'll simply steamroll you.

If there’s a gap in your team, fill it - don’t be selfish.

2) Thou shalt not lose sight of the objective

Yes, we know it’s tempting to wander around trying to rack up kills, but if you’re not pushing that payload or securing that capture point, you’re not going to win. Don’t get distracted - always remember your goal.

3) Thou shalt not rigidly stick to one hero

Team compositions will change throughout the match, ensure that you’re counter-picking and changing your hero if necessary.

The charge gauge for your ultimate attack will return to 0%, but it’s worth it: flexible teams can dynamically respond to any situation, those that refuse to switch will be punished.

4) Thou shalt zealously smite down the enemy's support heroes

Mercy, Zenyatta and Lucio can be a royal pain the backside, especially when Mercy is constantly resurrecting teammates.

Track down and put down the support heroes as quickly as possible, otherwise the rest of your job will be twice as hard. Assassins should make a beeline for Mercy the second her winged silhouette comes into view.

5) Thou shalt swarm around choke points

If you’re defending, choke points are your best (completely inanimate) friend. All too often defending teams attempt to engage the enemy outside their base rather than clustering outside the first choke.

You stand the best chance of stopping them here so get settled in and mount your first defense.