Tech up your teatime: The best kitchen gadgets reviewed

Lazy cook or just need everything to be techie? We've found the perfect devices to soup up your kitchen

Technology and food are a match made in heaven. You've got fish and silicon chips. Motorolo'sAn all-you-can-eat USB-C-food buffet. And of course Apple.

But enough of that nonsense - you just want to know how to tech up your kitchen.

It's actually never been easier to get some digital help when cooking a great meal. Smart kitchen appliances abound, and some of them are even pretty good.

We've spent a few days gorging ourself on ice-cream, hot dogs and smoothies to bring you this selection of our favourites.

Breakfast needn't be a boring corn-and-milk-based affair - with the following implements in your kitchen, you could kick off the day in the best possible way.