Stuff's Top 10 Black Friday deals

[Updated: 1130, 26/11/16] Behold, the biggest bargains of Black Friday 2016...

Are your FOMO alarm bells ringing like a Las Vegas slot machine? 

That'll be Black Friday's hurricane of tech bargains scrambling your senses and compelling you to make dangerous credit card decisions. If can be disorientating out there, so we've been collecting our pick of the best live deals in our Black Friday grotto 

Even that list can be intimidating for the Black Friday novice though, so we've rounded up out ten absolute favourite live deals below.

These gadgets have all been through Stuff's testing labs, graced our Top 10s at one time or another, and been given our 'absolute steal' stamp of approval.

Hurry, though - they won't be around forever...  

Samsung UE55KS7000 TV (save 30%)

Among the many cracking Black Friday TV deals that are live right now, none have tempted the Stuff team to press the red 'impulse buy' button more than this smart 4K TV with HDR. 

Dipping under that dangerous three figure barrier, our second favourite telly in the world (behind one that costs three grand) delivers a sparkling Ultra HD picture and looks pretty dashing even after you've had enough of rewatching Stranger Things in 4K and turned it off.   

Live: from Mon 21 Nov until stocks run out

Was: £1399.00 | Now: £979.00 | Saving: 30%

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (save £30)

If you’re a dedicated devourer of ebooks still squinting at an ageing reader, do your eyes a favour and upgrade to the Kindle Paperwhite.

A backlit, hi-res E Ink screen with a slight warmth to it makes for a glorious reading display, the rubber-effect rear is a joy to grasp, you can fit thousands of books on its 4GB of memory, and the battery lasts for weeks. Basically, it’s the best ereader around, and right now it’s almost 30 percent cheaper than normal.

Was: £109.99 | Now: £79.99 | Saving: 27%

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Sony PS4 500GB + Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (save £70)

Now is certainly a good time to pick up a PS4 of any variety, with several bundle deals available from Amazon.

This eBay offer is our current pick though, with the sub-£200 price including the latest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and making it prime Christmas present fodder.  

Live: 2000 Thu 24 Nov until stocks run out

Now: £189.99

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Garmin Vivoactive HR (save £50)

Our favourite wearable right now, Garmin's Vivoactive HR is probably all the fitness watch you'll ever want. Sure, it could be a little sleeker, but with GPS on-board, heart-rate monitoring and a five-day battery life - not to mention smartphone controls - it's a brilliant blend of clever and active.

It'll do all sorts of sport, including golf, cycling and skiing and, while it lacks the app options of an Apple Watch, it's got enough versatility to keep multi-sport fans happy. The best news? Grab it today and you'll save £50.

Live: from Fri 25 Nov until stocks run out

Was: £209.99 | Now: £159.99 (save 23%)

Get the deal here | Read our full review of the Garmin Vivoactive HR here

GoPro Hero4 Session (save 40%)

Take a rugged 35mm cube, stick one-button 1080p recording smarts inside it, then slice £50 off its price. What do you have? This cracking deal from Amazon.

Okay, it can't shoot 4K video like the newer Hero5 Session, but it is still one tough cookie. It'll survive 10m below the waves without a case and, whilst image quality can be a little iffy in low light, at this price it's the perfect blend of performance and value. Better still, app controls make it a real action camera for the people.

Live: Thurs 24 Nov

Was: £249 | Now: £149 | Saving: 40%

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Fujifilm X-T1 (second-hand)

The X-T1 would’ve set you back well over a grand when it was first released over two years ago, and its successor the X-T2 is about £1,500 these days, so the opportunity to pick up this superb snapper for just £399 shouldn’t be sniffed at.

Yes, the body is “pre-loved” so may show some signs of use, and yes, you’ll have to get a lens too, but make no mistake: this is one of the best compact system cameras in existence.

Live: Tues 22 Nov (until stocks run out)

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DJI Phantom 3 Standard (save 20%)

DJI’s entry-level drone shouldn’t be regarded as a budget model – there are plenty of much cheaper flying cameras out there – but at under £400 it’s most certainly a bargain.

Cuddly, almost toy-like looks disguise a highly sophisticated quadcopter with enough AI smarts to stay steady in a gale or land itself automatically, and a brilliantly stabilised camera capable of capturing breathtaking images and videos.

Was: £509 | Now: £399 | Saving: 20% 

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Google Chromecast Audio (save 50%)

A bargain at its original £30 price, the Chromecast Audio turns any old hi-fi into a modern day streaming device capable of sucking up tunes from the likes of Spotify, Deezer, 7digital – or the audio from any tab in a Chrome web browser.

Simple to set up and control via smartphone, tablet or laptop and working over Wi-Fi (much better than Bluetooth in our opinion), it streams at up to 320kbps quality. And it gadget terms, it's basically free at this price.

From: Mon 21 November until stocks run out

Was: £30 | Now: £15 | Saving: 50%

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Amazon Echo (save 20%)

Siri? Pah! Cortana? Come off it! If you want to experience the best in voice-controlled AI assistants, there’s none better than Amazon’s Alexa, the clever robo-brain shoehorned inside the Echo speaker.

Fire questions at it and you’ll get smart answers, or ask it to play something and it’ll comply with frankly frightening accuracy. This weekend’s £30 discount is likely to be the last one until 2017, too.

Live: 0001 Fri 25 Nov

Was: £149.99 | Now: £119.99 | Saving: 20%

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HP 15-ba083sa 15.6in laptop (save £200)

What’s that? A significant £200 price slash on a great workhorse Windows 10 laptop that’ll handle all your everyday computing tasks like a champ? Don’t mind if we do.

This HP totes an impressive 8GB of RAM, a roomy 1TB hard drive and 8-hour battery life so, unless you’re an energy drink-quaffing gamer or a video editor, we can’t see it letting you down.

From: Mon 21 Nov until stocks run out

Was: £499.99 | Now: £299.99 | Saving: 40%

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