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RIP Google Podcasts. Here are the best audio alternatives

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Google Podcasts is dead, RIP Google Podcasts. In somewhat predictable news, Google has axed its podcast platform. As of 2 April, Google’s third foray into the podcasting world after Google Listen (2009–2012) and Google Play Music Podcasts (2016–2020).

The news isn’t quite a shock surprise, though. Google is essentially consolidating its podcast services with YouTube Podcasts, creating a one stop shop for speech audio.

Current users have until July to export any subscriptions they have on the service. But if the demise of Google Podcasts has left you stranded, there are thankfully many great podcast services out there you can switch to.

Spotify Podcasts


Arguably the go-to place for podcasts, Spotify Podcasts is a completely one stop shop for your favourite podcasts. Spanning history, human interest, politics and sport, to comedy, arts and video podcasts, Spotify Podcasts really does have something for everyone. Podcasts can also be listened to free of charge, albeit without ad-free or offline listening. To get rid of the ads, simply sign up for a paid for Spotify account and you’re good to go.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

Similarly to Spotify Podcasts, Apple Podcasts hosts a vast listenable library. It offers millions of podcasts from big organisations and indie presenters alike, and its personalised discovery algorithm is one of the best out there. There are more free shows that a single person could listen to in a single lifetime, however, through live subscriptions listeners gain access to bonus episodes, ad‑free listening, early access to new shows and archive access.



When it comes to audiobooks, it’s hard to beat Audible. While Audible does hosts podcasts, it’s largely best known for its vast audiobook library from independent writers to legendary authors alike. Whether you want to delve into the back catalogue of Stephen King or read about Prince Harry’s…unique upbringing, it can all be found on Audible. As a bonus, it can also be bundled into any existing Amazon subscriptions you already own.

BBC Sounds

BBC Studios

You gotta love the BBC. Not only does it offer one of the best free streaming services out there in BBC iPlayer, but there’s a vast listening library to be found in the BBC Sounds app. Only available in the UK, BBC Sounds is the hub for the BBC’s audio, podcasting and radio output. All it takes it to download the app, and listen.



If you’re looking for an ad-free, no subscription service, then you can’t go wrong with AntennaPod. AntennaPod is a completely open-source app that allows you to subscribe to any RSS feed. The service is designed to keep podcasting simple and open to all. Most importantly, it costs nothing and is entirely ad-free. Plus, it’s feature rich, and hosts everything from murder mystery and crime, to lifestyle, sports and more.

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