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Introducing the Amazon Fire Phone’s secret power

Everyone grows up wanting superpowers. Some want to fly like Superman, others to leap from building to building like Spider-Man or to be super strong like Hulk. Us? We wanted an arsenal of amazing gadgets like Batman – and our best friend wanted to, um… whatever superpowers Robin had.

Imagine, for a second, that smartphones get all Terminator on us and achieve consciousness. Well, one of the first things they’re going to start talking about is what superpowers they want. “A dynamic screen!” one will cry in its shrill electronic voice. “The ability to see round corners!”, “Gesture controls for menu navigation!”, “Auto-scroll for reading!” others will shout.

But over in the corner, one phone sits quietly on its own, saying nothing. For this phone is no ordinary phone. Granted astonishing powers after an incident in a microchip manufacturing plant, it already has all of the abilities the other phones yearn for. In short, it has Dynamic Perspective. And the name of that phone? Why, that’s a secret of course. 

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