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Promoted: 7 ways the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an extension of your body

We care about our tech. We want it faster, slimmer, longer-lived and more connected. But we also want our technology to care about us.

It might not ask you about your day or make sure you’re not dialling your ex in the wee small hours, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has plenty of ways to look out for you. It’s packed with sensors and software to help you monitor your health, stay on top of your fitness goals and make sure your diet is more five-a-day and less student-in-a-kebab-shop. Here are seven reasons you’ll want it about your person at all times.

1 S-Health is your one-stop-shop for health
The S-Health app is where it’s at for fitness tracking: everything the Galaxy Note does, fitness-wise, is located in one convenient place. It’s personalised and can monitor your fitness and activity long term.

2 Healthy heartsA truly ingenious bit of tech. Nestled below the camera is a heartrate sensor: hold your finger over it and a few seconds later you’ll be able to see how the old ticker’s going.

3 It’ll track your treks
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 contains a pedometer, or “magic step counter” to the less technical. Research shows that walking 10,000 steps per day will significantly improve your health and tracking how things are going is a good start. We would say it was a good first step – but we’re better than that.

4 Let the light shine in
Getting sunlight is good for you. It boosts your vitamin D, which is good for your bones, but you don’t want to get too much. The Samsung Galaxy S can measure the UV you’re exposed to and tell you what your risk of harm is.

5 The coach will spur you on

We all need a bit of motivation. For us, it’s the promise of cake at the end of a run. For you, it could be the coach on the Galaxy Note 4. Tell the coach what your goals are and it’ll set you related challenges.

6 It records your workouts

Recording your workout history is critical to reaching your goals, and provides a useful bit of motivation when it it’s raining outside and you’ve got to put another 5km under your belt. Tracking your distances, complete with compatibility with your music library and an audio guide, is a great way to stay on top.

7 It tracks your stress

We can tell when we’re stressed: we start scowling at the cat and stress-eating crisps. The S-Health app can tell when you’re stressed through the more scientific method of measuring your heart-rate.

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