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Jabra’s new earphones come with a free personal trainer

No, not a real one. But team the Sport Coach with its companion app and you'll get personalised in-ear coaching

Danish audio brand Jabra has changed up the sports headphone game with its new Sport Coach wireless earbuds.

When used in tandem with the Jabra Sport Life app, the headphones enable wearers to design a workout that suits them, then follow it to the letter thanks to in-ear audio coaching.

The result? You get all the encouragement you need to struggle through that tenth sit up without the awkward presence of a human personal trainer barking in your ear. Yes, we know we’re about to sound like a motivational speech from Rocky IV, but with these headphones on getting through your workout really will all be in your head.

The new earphones use Jabra’s TrackFit motion sensor to help you log every rep, set and circuit you can muster, while also pumping out Premium Dolby sound quality. Remote controls are also present and correct, so you can easily skip a track if your playlist suddenly serves up a slushy ballad (or take a phone call, if you can manage to speak while working out). 

The Jabra Sport Coach headset was built with cross-training in mind, so the companion app is packed with more than 40 different exercises to help plan your next session. It also enables you to track how they’re going, and later analyse where you’re going wrong to help you improve next time.

The Jabra Sport Coach will set you back £120, which isn’t too bad given all the tech packed into these US Military-standard sweat-, shock- and dust-resistant earphones.

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