How to master iOS 10: the 22 best tricks for your iPhone and iPad

Master 3D Touch...

3D what? Press harder than normal on your iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 screen, and you'll uncover little shortcuts like these...

Stop cursing the cursor

Moving the tiny cursor around to edit an iMessage can make you want to hurl your iPhone out of a window. Give the keyboard a hard press, though, and it’ll turn into a nice big trackpad for moving the cursor around easily. Saves getting the magnifying glass out.

Need to highlight a whole line of text? After the keyboard goes blank from your first 3D Touch, release the pressure (while still touching the screen), then press hard again to get text highlighting. You’re now ready to enter the iMessaging World Championships.

Switch perfect

Double-tapping the home button is an easy enough way to open the iOS app switcher, but a more satisfying shortcut is giving the left-hand side of your screen a hard press. Watch as all of your apps fan to the right as if squeezed out by the force of your finger. The power!

Also, while it’s useful for quickly closing apps with a flick of your finger, the stock iOS app switcher is a bit dumb. For a smarter app management with one-press shortcuts to your favourite actions (for example, messaging your other half), try the excellent Launch Center Pro (£2.29). 

Tidy your folders

So you’ve got all your apps neatly stashed away in a gloriously tidy folder system. We salute you. But what if several apps within a folder have all got new notifications vying for your attention?

Hard press (A.K.A '3D Touch') the folder and you’ll get the choice of which app to check first. Okay, it only saves you one press, but it’s handy for epic folders that spread over two pages.

Get Siri-ous...

Apple's voice assistant Siri has been quietly learning some new tricks - here are some of our favourites:

Voice training

To get Siri chatting to third party apps like Uber, head to Settings > Siri > App support. You’ll see a list of Siri-compatible apps – just toggle the ones you’d like to start commanding with your voice.

We're not exactly spoiled for choice right now, but the best so far are Uber, Skype, Telegram, Paypal and Runtastic. Oh, and a certain messaging app...

Hands-free Whatsapp

If you’re driving and have some urgent Overwatch banter to attend to on Whatsapp, you can now get Siri to send a message.

Just say ‘Hey Siri, send a message on Whatsapp to [insert contact]…’ and she’ll do the honours. Although, given that Siri will almost certainly have misheard you, it’s best to check the preview window that pop ups before you say ‘yes’ and ruin a long-term friendship.

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