Father’s Day 2019: 16 gadget gift ideas for under £50

Father’s Day is on the way and we’ve got the treats you need

You can’t choose your dad, but you can choose what to get him for Father’s Day – and considering he’s one half of the team that brought you into the world, it only seems fair to say cheers.

Sure, he forgot your birthday last year. Fine, he couldn't remember which university you’re at or what you’re studying. And, no, he didn’t know you middle name was Eric until you told him. Today.

But that doesn’t change the fact that, whatever your relationship, your papa probably cares a whole darn lot about you.

So, in need of a plan to thank your old man? Look no further: each of these affordable bits is sure to translate as ‘thank you’ come June 16. Or, at least, ‘I remembered’.