Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 19 gadgets gifts and tools for DIY fanatics

Here's a super selection of gadgets to fulfil the tinker-tastic hankerings of dedicated DIY-ers

Every so often, our DIY skills are called upon to perform inhuman feats. Armed with nothing but a hammer, a roll of duct tape, and an unsettlingly dangerous level of false confidence, we set to work.

Whilst self-taught construction skills almost inevitably create a larger problem than the one we intended to fix, there's little more fulfilling than the fine-fingered formation of avant-garde furniture.

This smattering of gifts isn't for people like us. It's for those who mould wood into smooth works of art. For those who know that an olive ring isn't something you'd put on your pizza. For the DIY delectables that get the job done without needing a trip to A&E.

Wearing your hard hat? Good. Like the handiman helpfulness of the seven dwarves, it's off to work we go.

Tool Pen (£49)

Time was, you could buy a colouring pen in which several cartridges were vertically stacked. Oh, the fun we had, laboriously un-slotting and slotting to get to the shade we wanted.

Now you can do the same with screwdrivers - or, rather, their heads. Meet Minich's Tool Pen: a multi-tool that can stack six bits within its 15cm-tall aluminium shell. Select from a choice of sixteen hexes and drivers, before building that Ikea cabinate with pop-to-screw panache.

Buy the Tool Pen here

Wohngeist tool set (£2160)

Head to the shed! This Swiss wood-and-leather tool set is the ultimate in premium put-together pieces.

With 24 tools held in place by the magic of magnets, this handy carry-case contains everything you could possibly need to enable your ultra-organised shelf-building dreams. Whether you’re a master craftsman or you just like pretty packages, WohnGeist’s whacker set is a whopper.

Buy the WohnGeist tool set here

Lego Architecture Studio (£150)

If you class yourself a connoisseur of construction, a foreman of form, the father-figure to function, nothing will fulfil your far-flung fine-art architectural thirst but this Studio set.

It contains a whopping 1210 monochromatic bricks. A 272-page guidebook includes tips and exercises for “helping you learn the fundamentals of architectural design in a Lego context.” What fun! And this is no layman’s pamphlet: it includes content by REX, Sou Fujimoto Architects, MAD Architects as well as Tham & Videgard Arkitekter. Nope, us neither, but by Boxing Day you’ll be dropping these guys into conversations like you were born with a silver set square in your mouth.  

Buy the Lego Architecture set here

Bricky brilliance

Amazon Echo Dot (£50)

Alexa! What is six inches in centimeters?

Alexa! What is the difference between radius and diameter?

Uh, Alexa? Order me a replacement cupboard...

Amazon’s little helper is a hands-free darling when you're too tooled up to type. What's more, she’ll help with that most principal danger: boredom. Connect the Dot up to a Bluetooth speaker and – if you’re not dealing with a DIY SOS – you can while away those long repetitive jobs dragging up retro dance hits via Amazon Music or Spotify. 

Buy the Amazon Echo Dot here

Hello, Alexa