Christmas Gift Guide: 12 creative gadget gifts

How do you buy for someone who's constantly sketching, humming, strumming, building, brainstorming and transforming? We've got all the answers.
Christmas Gift Guide: 12 creative gadget gifts

Passive pressies won't cut it for those with a mind forever voyaging. Things to make and do are the order of the big day, so we've lassooed a dozen of the best creative gifts to keep fidgety fingers gainfully employed for the festive period and beyond.

Build Your Own New York Cards (from US$1.50)

Build Your Own New York City

Pick and choose as many postcards as you like to assemble a miniature model of the Big Apple. Some cutting and folding is involved but nothing to trouble anyone who owns a scalpel. Take a couple for desktop trinkets or go to town and build a backdrop for a stop motion remake of King Kong.

Outside the Lines (£8)

Outside the Lines

Society tells us that colouring in is for children only. Society also tells us that doodling on notepads is bad, so why not put two crayons up to Society and get a grown-up colouring book. It's a lot more fun than doodling.

Aluminium photo prints (from £30)

Aluminium prints

Enlargements are great, canvas prints are even better, but a pucker picture on aluminium beats them both. Landscapes, black and whites and arty shots work best rather than family album snaps, with highlights being picked out in silvery rainbows when the light catches them from the right angle.


Little Bits / Korg synth kit (US$159)

LittleBits / Korg synth kit

A wonderful idea for so many reasons, this kit is a collection of analogue synthesiser components that you can clip together in various arrangements to make your own fully playable techno machine. You'll be cutting it fine for Christmas but you can pre-order from the States, shipping from 6th December.