Bored of your iPhone? Here's how to switch from iOS to Android

We've got your back(up)

Don't tell Apple, but sometimes people want to ditch their iPhone for an Android handset. You might even be one of them.

While switching from Android to iOS can be pretty simple thanks to Apple’s Move to iOS app on the Play Store, things can get quite tricky the other way round.

Google doesn't have a dedicated app to let you port all of your data from iOS over to its Android platform, so you'll have to put in a little elbow grease to get things sorted.

Don't fret though - here's how to move your data from your cranky old iPhone into a shiny new Android smartphone, with minimal effort:

Moving your contacts

Use your Gmail account

If your contacts are synced on your Google account, moving them to an Android device is as simple as signing into your Google account. Once done, turn on sync for contacts (it's turned on by default), and Google will populate your contact list with everyone you know. Simple.

iCloud account

If you're using iCloud instead, there are quite a number of steps involved. You'll need to manually export all of your contacts from your iCloud account, before importing them into your Google account:

1. First, log into your account at, and select Contacts

2. Hold the Ctrl + A keys on your computer, or click on Select All on the settings button located on the bottom left corner. 

3. Once you have selected all contacts, tap on the settings button on the bottom left corner and click on “Export vCard”. A file with the extension .vcf will be saved into your computer.

4. Log into your Google account used for your Android device and open up Contacts ( Click on “More” in the menu on the left, and select “Import”.

5. Click on “CSV or vCard file” in the pop-up menu. If you are using the new Google Contacts, you will receive a prompt to redirect you to the old Google Contacts.

6. Browse for the .vcf file that was saved earlier and import those contacts in.

Transferring your text messages

There are no direct ways to move your messages from your iPhone to an Android device. You can use apps like iSMS2droid, but there are quite a number of steps involved and it won't work for iMessages. Check out the app or its website for instructions.