How to switch from Android to iOS

Get iPhone SE-ready, all you need to do is download this app

The iPhone SE is finally coming to Malaysia, for all you Android users who wish to purchase the phone, here’s a quick guide to help you port all your important information over to the new device.

Our smartphone plays a very important role in our lives. We take pictures with it, we use it to store information like contacts, and some even use it for work. The worst thing that can happen is losing all these information when you change to a new phone.

Those of you who wish to move over to iOS from your Android device, you don’t have to lose your precious data, or go through the trouble of connecting to a computer to sync everything. Apple has an app that does all that for you.

Before you begin, do note that this only works during the set up of your brand new iOS device. If you have already done the setup process, you will need to reset the device and start all over.


iOS 9 and up (this shouldn’t be a problem for the latest iOS devices)

iPhone 5 and up

iPad 4th generation and up

iPad mini 2nd generation and up

iPod touch 6th generation

Android 4.0 and above