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Best flasks 2024: insulated bottles from Thermos, Hydro Flask and more

Put an end to tepid soup with our pick of the best flasks

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Homemade soup or takeaway coffee: nothing keeps liquid sustenance toasty like the best flasks. And if you’re looking for a way to store your warming winter brew, this is the list you need.

From compact flagons to the beefiest of stainless steel cylinders, the round-up below features our pick of the best flasks for every sort of sipper. Whether you need a simple canteen to maintain the temperature of your tea, or something rugged enough to fuel you on your frosty rambles, we’ve featured vacuum flasks for every need and budget.

And in case you can’t decide which flask best fits the bill, we’ve also shared a key tips to consider when shopping. So the only question left is what to fill it with.

The best flasks you can buy today

Stuff Best Thermos Flasks – Hydro Flask

The caffeine carrier: Hydro Flask Coffee

No amount of paper cups can compete with the abilities of this leak-free flagon. Its vacuum construction is made to keep your rocket fuel steaming all morning. And unlike the twin rim of double-stacked disposables, its lid allows sipping with zero spillage. Plus it fits beneath most machines, so you can fill it from the kitchen or your local café.

Stuff Best Thermos Flasks – Eva Solo

The slick slaker: Eva Solo Urban Thermo Flask

True minimalists would fill a flask with hot water alone. If you value a pared-back brew, try this tidy click-top. Its two-piece setup is a lesson in drinking simplicity, while it’s one-hue husk makes an understated statement. Brimmed with 500ml, it’s rated to maintain temps for six hours. Plus the opaque body has the double benefit of hiding your hot chocolate choice from purist pals.

Stuff Best Thermos Flasks – Yeti Rambler

The circular server: Yeti Rambler

Bleary-eyed before your first coffee, you can’t be expected to navigate a directional lid. Helpfully, the HotShot cap atop this bottle supports 360-degree sipping. Leakproof when closed, a simple half twist clicks the stopper open, ready to serve from any side. Once the caffeine has restored your cognitive function, you can stick all its bits in the dishwasher.

Stuff Best Thermos Flasks – Lifeventure 800

The beefy brewer: Lifeventure TiV Wide Mouth

With a handle and wide-mouth spout, this flask is short and stout. Tougher than any little teapot, the 800ml cask is copper-coated to contain heat for up to eight hours. A second cup inside the lid means you can make it a party for two, while the grabber on the side folds down flat for post-pour portability.

Stuff Best Thermos Flasks – Sigg

The winter warrior: Sigg Thermo Flask Gemstone IBT

When it comes to bottling winter warmth, the Swiss do it with utilitarian flair. Packing for a trip to Hoth? With lines straight from sci-fi, the Gemstone’s full metal jacket is built different. An ultra-thin inner wall saves precious grams, while a minimised vacuum gap shaves millimetres off the dimensions. And those sculpted grooves don’t just look the business: like a Stormtrooper’s snowmobile, they improve grip and enhance durability.

Stuff Best Flasks – Thermos Ultimate

The intrepid insulator: Thermos Ultimate Flask

You can’t have a flask fest without Thermos in the mix. From the pioneers of insulated drinks canisters, this adventure-ready receptacle is a rugged upgrade on the iconic stainless cylinder. Silicone reinforcement means the shell is ready to take a beating in the side of your backpack, while vacuum walls ensure your chosen fuel stays toasty for 24 hours.

Stuff Best Thermos Flasks – Chill's Bottle

The bespoke beaker: Chilly’s Bottle Series 2

Technically every flask is personalised, because you choose what to fill it with. But for a truly unique container, try this customisable number: head to the website and you can create your own colour combo for the bottle, collar and loop handle. You can also add a name engraving, so there’s no chance of someone ‘accidentally’ consuming your homemade stew.

Stuff Best Thermos Flasks – Stanley Classic

The long-lasting legend: Stanley Classic

Some things are built to stand the test of time. Stanley’s Classic flask is one of them. Synonymous with winter walks and Scouting outings, the big green barrel is tougher than a pack leader who wears shorts all year round. Durable by design and guaranteed for life, the famed container keeps drinks hot for a full 40 hours. And with a 1.9-litre capacity, there’s soup for the whole troupe.

Stuff Best Thermos Flasks – Zwilling Thermo

The two-way topper: Zwilling Thermo

What’s smarter than a cap that becomes a cup? A leakproof lid that unlatches with a single finger. Luckily, this streamlined canteen benefits from both. The mug unscrews to hold your brew, while the spout inside opens with a flick – handy when you’ve got your hands full. As a reward for your dexterity, it’ll keep a litre of liquid hot half a day or more.

How to choose the best flask

Looking to buy a flask but don’t know where to start? Here are some things to consider:

  • Insulation: Not all flasks are insulated the same. Some can keep tea toasty for several hours, while others will maintain temperatures for a dozen or more. The best above are good for a full 24 hours of heat retention.
  • Capacity: The bigger the bottle, the larger the payload – but you won’t need a litre if the liquid’s just for you. 500ml is plenty for your favourite infusion, while 800ml is the Goldilocks option for portability versus porridge capacity.
  • Handles: If you don’t have a bottle pocket, pick a flask that helps you handle the heat. A lot feature loops at the top for care-free carrying. Others have hardier handles that pop up or fold out when you need a grip upgrade.
  • Cups: Solo consumption is fine from the bottle, but a beaker is useful if you’re sharing your stew. Many larger flasks have caps that double up as cups, while most smaller bottles have lips shaped for spill-free sipping.

Now check out Stuff’s guide to the best travel coffee cups for sipping joe on the go.

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