The best Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus accessories and cases

Looking for something to boost your new phone’s abilities (or survivability)? Look no further

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is mere days from arriving in shops, and boy is it a tempting upgrade from whatever phone you might be using now. Maybe you’ve even slapped down some cash money and pre-ordered it already.

That huge curved screen. That build quality. That camera. That Bixby. It’s a smartphone of many talents, but that’s not to say it can’t be improved with some additional accoutrements. We’re talking accessories – the optional extras, the cutting edge bits and pieces that’ll take your Galaxy S8 experience to the next level. Oh, and some protective cases, too.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the Galaxy S8 accessories announced so far.

Samsung Wireless Convertible Charger

The S8 and S8+ come with high-speed wireless charging tech as well as the standard Qi wireless charging. But the only way right now to take advantage of the former is to invest in Samsung’s own wireless charging plate (£69). Thankfully it’s a clever piece of design that also functions as a stand, so you can still view your phone’s screen in either landscape or portrait while it’s getting the top-up treatment.

Tech21 Pure Clear case

The Galaxy S8 has one of the best designs ever seen in a phone - so you don't want to cover it up with a case. Tech21's Pure Clear (£29.99) doesn't disguise those shapely curved screen edges, or the glossy finish on the back, but keeps it safe from 2m drops. It's anti-scratch and anti-yellowing, too, so it should stay clear and clean for a long time.

Samsung Clear View Standing Cover

At first glance, the Clear View Standing Cover (£49) looks like a boring old protective matte plastic cover. Nothing to see here, folks. But wait… is it… is it… transforming? Yes, it’s transforming into a little kickstand that lets you place the phone on a tabletop and watch some hands-free videos. Available in six colours.

Samsung Gear VR with Controller

The Gear VR was already one of the better smartphone virtual reality headsets, but the new version announced alongside the Galaxy S8 looks to have kicked things up a few notches – mainly due to the addition of a wireless, motion-sensing controller. The headset-mounted controls were always the Gear VR’s weak point, so it’s good to see Samsung addressing issues head-on (and no, that’s not a pun).

Samsung LED Cover

One for the show-offs (or people who just really want to know what the time is, always, but don’t wear a watch for some reason), this flip cover (£49) features a fetching LED readout. That’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, of course, but it’s also touch sensitive (turn off alarms and reject calls with a swipe) and comes with a bunch of notification icons to give you some idea of what awaits you when you flip the flap.