Best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 - reviewed

Clean up your act with the best robot vacuum cleaners around right now

Is your home a domestic abyss of dust, dog hair and gunk? Running the vacuum cleaner over the floors just too much of a hassle?

A robot vacuum could be the answer. They'll keep your house looking spotless, and you'll barely have to do any work - just empty it every now and then, and you'll have mastered basic personal hygene with minimal effort.

OK, so they aren't just for slobs that can't be arsed to clean up - a robot vac will keep dust down to a minimum and could help you breathe easier too. Picking the right one can be a bit tricky, though - that's why we've tested the big names to help you get the best.

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If you’re spending up to £800 on a robot vacuum cleaner, you might well expect it to sweep up every last bit of dirt that’s plaguing your living room floor, all at the push of the start button. Only Dyson’s 360 Eye comes close to delivering such a spotless vision of the future.

It cleans more efficiently than any of its rivals and is far less likely to be stumped by rugged carpet terrain or fall foul of a sudden sense of misdirection. Learn to live with the thing and the amount of time you spend cleaning by hand will be slashed right down. While we’re not quite yet living in a sci-fi home utopia, the 360 Eye is a gurn-inducing glimpse of what that world looks like.