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Which GoPro accessories should you buy? The best add-ons and mounts for your action camera

Go more Pro with these all-action add-ons

Best GoPro accessories featuring 3 Way 2.0 Media Mod The Remote Max Lens Mod and Shorty

GoPro’s action cameras are properly impressive: rugged right out of the box, they arrive ready to capture awesome shots in extreme conditions – no extra bits necessary. But when you are ready to upgrade your shooting setup, the best GoPro accessories can help you take your videography to the next level.

From floating handle grips and smart modular cases, to wearable body brackets and all manner of mounts, the top GoPro accessories unlock new ways to use your action camera. There’s even a canine camera harness for recording a dog’s eye view of the world. Yes, really.

So whether you want to try a different style of shooting or simply capture a fresh perspective, each of the GoPro attachments below will allow you to explore novel creative avenues. We’ve picked our favourite accessories from GoPro’s official catalogue, as well as a handful of third-party add-ons worth keeping in your kit bag.

Fold out for more

With the Hero 8 Black, GoPro cleverly streamlined the mounting system. Out went the fixed prongs of old, in favour of integrated folding fingers. Present on every GoPro since, these neat numbers hide away when not in use, before swivelling out like little wings when it’s time to mount up. Besides reducing bulk, they make it easier to access the battery door and charging point while your camera’s attached to an accessory. Happily, they use the same dimensions as GoPro’s previous brackets – so your existing mounts will still play nice.

GoPro 3 Way 2.0

GoPro ships all sorts of mounts, stands and attachments for its action cams. There’s even one you can bite between your gnashers. But GoPro’s 3 Way 2.0 is easily the most versatile: the three-in-one accessory works as an ergonomic hand grip, an extendable selfie stick and an adjustable tripod. It’s also waterproof and features a ball joint for tilting and swivelling.

GoPro Media Mod

Mod support arrived with the GoPro Hero 8 Black, allowing you to easily upgrade your GoPro’s recording equipment with smart attachments. The Media Mod is the one to start with: it features a built-in directional mic for better audio recording, plus a 3.5mm input to connect an external microphone. It also adds an HDMI-out port for TV playback, plus a pair of cold-shoe mounts for use with the Light Mod and front-facing Display Mod (sold separately).

GoPro The Remote

Controlling your GoPro with your smartphone is a neat trick, but it’s not so useful when you’re halfway up a mountain and your mobile is stashed beneath three layers of thermal gear. Compatible with the Hero 8, 9 and 10, plus the Max, GoPro’s waterproof Remote can control up to five cameras wirelessly at a range of 60m. Big buttons make it easy to use (even with gloves) while a sizeable display ensures you can easily see your current settings.

Dango Design Gripper Mount

GoPro’s official accessories make it easy to attach your action cam to a range of specific objects. But what if you want to quickly switch from handlebars to helmet – or clip your cam to something funkier? This little gripper can clasp almost anything. Sturdy springs keep the jaws firmly clamped, while flexible webbing readily adapts to the sort of shapes that would trouble standard mounts.

GoPro Volta

GoPro’s smartest stand is also its most expensive – but that’s because it does the work of multiple mounts. A grip by design, flip-out legs mean it also functions as a mini tripod. But that’s not the half of it: the handle harbours a 4900mAh battery, which can triple the longevity of your GoPro. Wire in your action cam and integrated controls unlock easy one-handed operation, plus the whole thing doubles up as a wireless remote.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Reckon Fido’s got a future as a filmmaker? Find out for sure by fitting GoPro’s Fetch harness to your favourite canine. Adaptable to fit petite pooches and massive mutts alike, the padded saddle features mounts top and bottom. So you can record an over-ear view of your hound bounding around, with a second cam shooting slow-mo B-roll as their paws gallop towards the food bowl.

GoPro Enduro Rechargeable Battery

Battery life remains an Achilles heel for most GoPro models. Boost your shooting longevity by swapping out the standard cell for GoPro’s Enduro battery. Compatible with the Hero 9 and Hero 10 Black, GoPro reckons the 1720mAh power source can extend shooting times by up to 40% in standard circumstances – and hugely improve performance in chilly conditions.

Joby GorillaPod Action Tripod

GoPro’s cameras excel in the great outdoors – a place that’s not exactly known for flat surfaces. Luckily, Joby’s malleable mount is made for unsteady situations: whether wrapped around a tree branch or shaped to suit the contours of a rock, this bendable buddy can provide a stable base almost anywhere. Rubberised feet keep it in position, while an integrated ball head makes it easy to frame your next action shot.

GoPro Floaty

The ocean is a natural home for your GoPro. Trouble is, it doesn’t float by default. Solve the sinking issue by sticking your action cam in this buoyant jacket. The padding adds protection and means a wayward GoPro will bob up to the surface. Plus it’s bright orange, so it should be easier to see in the sea. There are different versions for different GoPro models, so check you’ve got the right one.

GoPro The Handler

Want a flotation aid that’s easier to hold? The Handler is a buoyant baton for your GoPro. It doesn’t add the extra protection of a Floaty housing, but it does give you more to grip when you go for a dip. A fixed head angle lets you set and forget your framing, while the quick-release mount means you can easily switch attachments. The wrist loop should also stop it swimming away, while the orange bottom makes surface rescues a cinch.

Max Lens Mod

Both the GoPro Hero 9 and Hero 10 Black support interchangeable lens attachments. The Max Lens Mod might add a little bulk to your action cam, but it also expands the field of view to an ultra-wide 115 degrees. Combined with maximum HyperSmooth stabilisation, even the shakiest shots will appear steady, while horizon lock keeps footage level even if you flip.

Amazon Basics Head Strap Camera Mount

It’s tricky to capture a first-person view. You could munch on GoPro’s Bite Mouth Mount. Or for a solution that makes you look marginally less eccentric, you could strap this band to your bonce. Cheaper than GoPro’s official Head Strap, Amazon’s attachment achieves the same result. On your head, a hat or a helmet, non-slip rubber inside the stretchy nylon straps stop them from shifting position, allowing you to shoot as you see the world.

GoPro Shorty

When is a tiny tripod not just a tiny tripod? When it’s also an extendable shooting grip. As compact as camera handles come, this dinky add-on features flip-out legs for easy freestanding footage. Ready to roam? Flick the feet away and walk with the Shorty in your paw. Its central column can also extend up to 22.7cm – giving you useful extra limb length when it comes to shooting group selfies.

Nut-R Axle Camera Mount

Keen to capture your two-wheeled time trials? Handlebar mounts are a classic choice for recording the road ahead. But for a true sense of speed, the axle’s where it’s at: this stainless steel mount attaches to your end nut for a wheel’s eye view of the world whizzing past. Compatible with quick release axles, it’s simple to attach and works with all GoPro models. And at just 70g, lycra fans needn’t worry about unnecessary weight.

GoPro Chesty

Certain disciplines don’t lend themselves to mounts. Take trampolining: a GoPro on your head could throw your backflip off balance. For handsfree filming from a new point of view, don GoPro’s chest bracket. Like a Fetch Harness for humans, it’s fully adjustable to fit over all sorts of sporting attire, while the main buckle is padded for comfort. Moonlighting as a bouncer? The Chesty can transform a GoPro into a body-worn cam for your security.

GoPro Suction Cup

If Tom Cruise can climb a building using suction cups, this little one is surely strong enough to keep an action cam attached to the outside of your vehicle. Granted, it’s natural to fear for your GoPro’s safety the first time you hit the road with it whelped onto the bonnet. But despite the base being simple to release, it suckers on with industrial strength. GoPro reckons the mount is good for speeds in excess of 150mph. Although if you hit that velocity, you’ll have other things to worry about.

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