The best cases for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra

Picking up a Samsung Galaxy S20? You’re going to need a case. Here are the best options worth your hard-earned money!

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is here – and it’s packing a whole lot of tech that we’re sure you’re going to love! 

From the gorgeous full-screen display interrupted only by a hole punch camera and the massive array of cameras on the back, to the next generation chipsets moving things along at a lightning pace with a beasty battery set to keep it going all day. This is a flagship that’s going to make a lot of people very happy. 

...until you drop it. We’ve all been there – as the constructions of said phones get so premium to the point they must be treated like your next-born child, you need a case for this blend of glass and metal. 

So, let us help you with that. We’re pretty good at spotting good cases, and that’s what we’re here to do! Grab a cuppa, shop the latest S20 deals and check out the best cases worth your hard-earned money. 

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GEAR4 Battersea (£34.99)

We feature Gear4 a lot in our lists of the best cases, and rightfully so. Their Battersea case is a great option for peak protection with a slim profile. Their patented D3O material gives it drop protection up to 16 feet, while maintaining that thinness needed for wireless charging.

Get yours here.

tech21 Evo Check (£29.95)

Likely to mix things up a little with your phone case? Don't be limited to just one style, go for tech21's Evo Check case with the potential for interchangeable designs. Plus the 12-foot drop protection and hygenically clean materials make for a super protective shell as well.

Get yours here for £29.95

ESR Essential Crown Clear Thin Case (£10.39)

What’s the one thing people don’t like about cases? They just cover up the gorgeous design of the phone beneath. Sure, some manufacturers will make up for that with fine materials like leather or wood, but at this price point, it’s just a piece of plastic covering up the beauty.  

That’s why we like ESR’s case – giving you suitable protection from drops and dings, while also being completely see-through. 

Get yours here for just £10.39 

ESR Metal Kickstand case (£13.99)

We head back to the ESR well with the same clear case, but with one clear difference... You probably want to make the best of that big, beautiful screen up front, so they’ve stuck a kickstand on the back for when you’re on those long commutes and just want to binge. 

Get yours here for just £13.99 

kwmobile TPU Silicone case (£5.99)

Soft, flexible shock protection that comes in all different colours and designs. KW Mobile brings customisability for a seriously cheap price. If you need something super affordable, this is a good way to go. 

Get yours here for £5.99 

Samsung official leather case (£44)

Give your GS20 a touch of class with a fine leather back. Available in 6 colours, you can guarantee a snug fit with an official case – plus some great drop protection courtesy of the shock resistant materials inside it. 

Get yours here for £44