The best cases for the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

Case in point

We love the Huawei P30 and the P30 Pro had us dizzy with excitement, and we've got a hunch you'll be more than a bit smitten with yours. It's only natural then, that you'd want to protect it from the harsh realities of life. After all, our cherished smartphones are usually subjected to their fair share of hard knocks over the years, leaving some of them absolutely battered by the time we're finally ready to upgrade.

Sure, you can be extra vigilant, but one way or another you're going to slip up. What can you do then? Well, you can invest in a protective case so that when the inevitable happens, your beloved has the best possible chance of survival. It sounds like a no-brainer, but we're particularly precious when it comes to preserving the gorgeous P30 range - with its marbled iridescent colouring, magnificent camera, and sumptuous dewdrop display - so make like a tree and find a case that suits you.

Huawei P30 Wireless Charging Case (£TBA)

While the P30 Pro has wireless charging built-in, the standard P30 doesn't. Huawei doesn't want anyone missing out, though, so it has developed an official P30 Wireless Charging Case to let everyone in on the action. In terms of what the case actually does, Huawei claims it will support 10W wireless quick charging with a variety of QI certified chargers - although naturally, the company has stressed it should be used with its own Huawei Wireless Charger.

Beyond that, it comes in a variety of electrifying neon colours, and sports a unique spotted-camo design that you'll either love or hate. Still, it fulfils a very specific role, and if you've got a hankering for wireless charging, you'll struggle to find a better fit. You might have to wait a while to actually get your hands on the case, mind, as Huawei hasn't actually told us when it'll be launching. Fingers crossed it arrives sooner rather than later.