6 Instant Upgrades: Live Sport

Bring football stadiums and velodromes into your lounge with this world-class team of performance-enhancing telly boosters

Hands-up who's heading to Rio for the Olympics! None of you? Well it is rather a long way to go, isn't it? How about one of the opening games of the Premier League season? £70 a ticket, you say? Ouch.

Watching sports in the flesh is great and all that, but it's pretty flaming expensive and time consuming, especially when you can have an experience that's in some ways even better at home.

You can supply your own beer and pies at a fraction of the cost, you don't have to have your ears bashed in by that gobby know-it-all in row D, and you can laugh in the face of any inclement weather.

What's more, with the right kit you can get an audio-visual experience that really takes some beating. Here are the six bits of kit we recommend for making your sport viewing experience one worth staying home for.

Illustration by Jamie Sneddon

6) Concentre de Vie Sofa

A comfortable sofa's all well and good, but it's just a sofa. An emergency bed at a push. What you want in furniture is flexibility. You want modular. So what you want is Campeggi's Concentre de Vie by Matali Crasset.

Yes, it's a sofa - but thanks to its uber-technical configuration it's also a couple of guest chairs. Or footstoolls, armrests, or, yes, a single bed... all while closely resembling Stanley Kubrick's dream of the distant future. Just don't let anyone holding a drink go anywhere near it.

Buy the Concentre de Vie Sofa from Apres Furniture (£2740)