5 of the best weather apps

Keep one step ahead of British summertime’s cruel twists by putting one of these on your smartphone

Thwart the weather and its ever changing ways by being one step ahead, armed with a brollie if necessary, with these apps


£0.69, iTunes

If you’re looking for simplicity, look no further than this clean-looking app, which covers 1.7 million towns and cities and gives hourly, daily and weekly forecasts. It features no buttons, instead needing only swipes, pinches and taps to navigate. You can customise the look through a selection of colour themes, too.

Yahoo! Weather

Free, iTunes/Google Play

It’s not all that often we turn to Yahoo! for apps, but the company has served up a very slick-looking one to keep you meteorologically savvy on the move. The Android version, sadly, is a pale imitation of the wondrous iPhone edition, which features gorgeous Flickr-sourced photos of your location, hourly and weekly forecasts, sunrise and sunset times and even interactive maps.


Free, iTunes/Google Play/Windows Phone

One of the most popular alternatives to the built-in weather on iPhone, AccuWeather (also available on Android and Windows Phone) features a veritable treasure trove of information presented in a (mostly) straightforward, easy to understand way. Hourly, daily and long-term forecasts are available, plus real-time weather maps, videos and news. Its name is well-earned too, with info refreshed every five minutes. The ads spoil the look a bit, but you can pay £1.99 to remove them if their naffness offends you.


£1.99, iTunes

Aesthetes will adore Haze, which is as much a piece of cutting edge “audiovisual art” as it is a weather app. You can swipe left and right through three screens, each displaying different bits of info (sunrise/sunset times, temperature, humidity etc.), or down to show a five-day forecast.

Weather Flow

£1.29/£1.49, Google Play/Windows Phone

There aren’t too many choices when it comes to premium weather apps for Windows Phone, so Weather Flow doesn’t have much in the way of competition. But it’s a fine app anyway, displaying AccuWeather-esque amounts of info across several screens – and supporting Live Tiles on your Windows Phone’s home screen. Also available for Android.