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4 of the best GTA V Director Mode videos

Because Los Santos is now the perfect playground for budding machinima directors...

PC gamers might have been waiting an eternity for GTA V to finally arrive on their beloved platform, but Rockstar made sure their patience was well rewarded by giving those creative, computer-lovin’ rascals access to the improved Rockstar Editor.

It features an all-new Director Mode that lets players script scenes, customise the environment, alter physics, and even take control of animals, so it’s hardly surprising that the internet has already churned out some weird, wonderful, and downright horrific GTA V short films.

With Director Mode coming to next­-gen consoles this summer, here are the best of the PC-­made bunch to whet your appetite:

Running man

The first ever video made in GTA V‘s improved Rockstar Editor, 8­Bit Bastard’s Running Man was commissioned by Rockstar themselves in a bid to showcase what could be done when YouTube’s best and brightest put their minds to work.

Nowhere near as bombastic as some of our other entries, Running Man is a smart, stylish, and subtle effort – with more than a hint of Forrest Gump – that proves there’s more to GTA than explosions, car chases and headshots. Who knew?

A life of mime

One of the more obscure videos we came across on our hunt for GTA magic, A Life Of Mime is the sad tale of a lonely mummer who just wants to make the world a happier place.

Is it a subversive commentary on the toxic hate that permeates the human psyche, or just a two-minute video about a well­-meaning mime who’s evidently in the wrong line of work? Yep, you’re right, it’s probably the latter.



“The following video is a test of the Rockstar Editor in GTA V” reads the opening message on Evan Royalty’s Payday­esque heist movie, Firestarter.

Well, if this is only a test, we can’t wait to see what Evan and his team do when they actually decide to invest some real time and effort into Rockstar’s new tools. Seriously, if you’re looking to make a GTA V action movie, watch, learn, and weep with joy.

Super clown

Easily the most cinematic – and disturbing – entry on this list, Super Clown is the all-too-real tale of a surprisingly introspective clown who’s less ‘super’ and more ‘absolutely-oh­my­god­he’s­got­tagrenade-deranged’.

“Is he evil, or just misunderstood?” asks creator Boris the Blade. Our deep-­rooted fear of children’s entertainers leads us to believe it’s definitely the former, but perhaps there’s more to this clown than meets the eye.

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