23 of the best comedy shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video

Come rain or shine, these comedies will keep you chuckling. Updated for August 2020

It’s easy to get Netflix tunnel vision when embarking on an epic telly session, but you’d be a fool of Kraken-­sized proportions to discount Amazon Prime Video’s growing library of gems.

As this collection of Stuff favourites shows, Amazon’s streaming service has become particularly adept at laughter generation. And remember; all of these movies and TV shows are already included in your Prime subscription, so sit back and prepare to engage your face’s smile apparatus with these comedy masterpieces...

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Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler might be enjoying a critical renaissance thanks to Uncut Gems (which you can, and should, watch over on Netflix), but let’s rewind right back to the point in his career before he’d sunk so low as to need one: 1996’s Happy Gilmore, in which his ability to convincingly play “aggressive, ignorant, uncouth but ultimately loveable man-child” felt genuinely fresh and endearing.

Sandler’s eponymous protagonist dreams about making it big as an ice hockey pro, but instead finds himself a reluctant golfing prodigy: thanks to his skill with a hockey stick, he’s able to drive the ball further than anyone else on the tour. Of course, that doesn’t stop him being hopeless at the sport’s short game. When his sweet grandmother’s house come under threat, Happy decides prize money is the solution – and must overcome not only his putting shortcomings but the stuffy, unwelcoming golfing establishment.

Watch Happy Gilmore on Amazon Prime Video

Shaun of the Dead

The first of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s “Cornetto trilogy”, this horror-comedy leans more towards guffaws than gore – although it’s not without its moments of guts-out violence or affecting drama.

Shaun (played by Pegg) is a 30ish London shop assistant who’d rather be gaming, boozing or listening to electro with his best friend Ed than moving up the professional ladder or proving to his girlfriend that he’s serious marriage material. When he finally resolves to change his ways, it happens to coincide with a zombie outbreak – and what better opportunity to demonstrate your maturity than to keep your friends and family safe during the end of days?

Packed with smart references, sight gags and scorching one-liners, Shaun of the Dead adds up to far more than your average horror comedy. There’s real heart and soul to it too, and it’s easy to see why Pegg and Wright became hot Hollywood properties shortly after its release.

Watch Shaun of the Dead on Amazon Prime

A Serious Man

Coen brothers movies tend to veer largely between crowd-pleasing quirk and deep philosophical rumination – often with plenty of blurring between the two and a few corpses into the mix. The body count may be fairly low in this tinder-dry comic drama about a Midwestern college professor whose life seems to be unravelling, but it still leaves the viewer with plenty of questions (and precious few simple answers) about the nature of life and death.

It’s easy to identify with Michael Stuhlbarg’s Larry Gopnik, even if the sources of his various malaises are trickier to pin down. Sure, his wife is leaving him, his children don’t respect him and his students think they can blackmail him, but there’s the sense of something deeper lurking beneath it all: what’s he done to deserve all this? The film is so beautifully shot, scripted and acted that you’ll have an enjoyable time pondering everything out.

Watch A Serious Man on Amazon Prime Video

Jackass 3

It’s all too easy to look down your nose at the entire Jackass concept: grown men hurting themselves on camera then giggling about it afterwards. We’re not exactly talking Truffaut here – but then French New Wave cinema never made anybody laugh as much as seeing somebody have their rotten tooth pulled out by a Lamborghini Murciélago or bungie jumping inside a portable toilet.

It’s not big, it’s not clever – but Jackass 3 is incredibly, side-splittingly funny. You won’t feel good for enjoying it. But you will enjoy it. Sorry.

Watch Jackass 3 on Amazon Prime Video

We’re the Millers

If you're worrying about how you’re going to smuggle a camper van full of cannabis over the US border before the current president builds his ludicrous wall, this movie has a few pointers for you.

In order to fool border patrol, Jason Sudeikis’ character – a small-time drug dealer – gathers together a fake family (Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts and Will Poulter) to join him on his trafficking trip. But with the wife being a penniless stripper, the daughter a homeless rebel and the son a painfully awkward nerd, this dysfunctional brood is about as good at keeping a low profile as Katie Price. The Millers are capable of inducing a few laughs if cringe-worthy comedy is your thing, though. And they’ll make you feel much better about your own family.

Watch We’re the Millers on Amazon Prime Video

Ghost World

Based on the graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, Ghost World stars Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson as teenage best friends on the cusp of adulthood – and distinctly pessimistic and cynical about their prospects and the world in general. If you like your comedies light and airy, the irony levels of this cult coming of age tale might well weigh you down – but those with a taste for thought-provoking, character-driven indie flicks will embrace its dark sense of humour.

Watch Ghost World on Amazon Prime Video

Upload (S1)

Given a choice between death and eternity as an avatar in a virtual world that’s almost indistinguishable from the real one, many of us would pick the latter without question – but before too long we might be questioning our decision.

That’s the setup for this Amazon original sitcom from Greg Daniels (he of the US Office and Parks and Recreation fame), in which app developer Nathan has his consciousness uploaded to a luxurious digital heaven, only to quickly discover that not only have his earthly problems not suddenly disappeared, they’re now bolstered with a bunch of new ones. Mixing sci-fi, satire, romance and more, Upload is sure to strike a chord with anyone who spends time pondering the future of tech. That means you, Stuff reader!

Watch Upload on Amazon Prime Video


To call Olivia Wilde’s teen comedy a female-centric Superbad does it a huge disservice; Booksmart stands up brilliantly on its own. At the same time, it’s hard to ignore the parallels in the two films: both centre around a pair of seemingly inseparable friends in the final days of high school who are dragged into a wild night of partying, self-discovery and hopeless attempts to lose their virginities before heading out into the “real world”.

Appropriately enough Booksmart star Beanie Feldstein is the kid sister of Superbad’s Jonah Hill; with any luck she’ll go on to enjoy the same level of success as her Oscar-nominated brother. Feldstein and co-star Kaitlyn Dever are charming, moving and hilarious as the academically obsessed BFFs who realise (possibly too late) that they may have wasted the best years of their lives in pursuit of good grades.

Watch Booksmart on Amazon Prime Video

South Park (S1-22)

In terms of animated comedies, only The Simpsons has run for longer than South Park. Crude in every sense of the word, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s sitcom about four boys in a small Colorado town has become iconic for its topical subject matter, its savage skewering of celebrities, pop culture and trends and its unabashed love for toilet humour.

Amazon has a full 20 seasons of South Park for you to get through (and that doesn’t include the most recent few), and while the quality may vary the briskness of the episodes and the aforementioned toilet humour keeps things ticking along even when the topicality of the subject matter is years out of date.

Watch South Park on Amazon Prime Video

Community (S1-6)

Dan Harmon’s sitcom about an American community college (widely regarded Stateside as a sort of low-rent vocational alternative to university) is packed with exactly the sort of knowing pop culture references, clever subversion of cliché and OTT characters that film and TV geeks adore. Little wonder it quickly established itself as a cult favourite – and now you can find out what all the fuss is about by binging the entire thing: all six seasons are available for streaming on Prime Video.

Watch Community on Amazon Prime Video

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

Gus Van Sant’s well-crafted comic biopic stars a memorable Joaquin Phoenix as John Callahan, an alcoholic who embarks on one bender too many, resulting in a devastating car crash. Paralysed, plunged into a deep depression, and still boozing, Callahan eventually finds solace in friends, art and the twelve-step programme.

Phoenix is typically excellent as the often-unlikeable Callahan, and there’s also superb support from Jonah Hill and Rooney Mara. A funny, thought-provoking and inspiring tale about conquering your worst impulses and “choosing life” – with little of the sentimental cheese that often creeps into such films.

Watch Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot on Amazon Prime

The Office (US, S1-9)

It might have started out as a pale shade of the British original, but NBC’s long-running sitcom quickly found its feet and its own comedic voice. Even if Steve Carell’s Michael Scott is a bit broader and a bit less melancholy than Ricky Gervais’ David Brent, it’s hard to deny that Carell has made the role of “awkward boss at a mid-level paper company” his own, and made himself into a massive star in the process.

You know the drill: The Office is a sort-of mockumentary set in a dreary Pennsylvania workplace populated by a few normal folks – representing us, the viewers – and a few caricatures. The comedy mostly springs from the interactions between the two, and the formula works so well that NBC managed to keep it going for an astonishing nine seasons.

Watch The Office on Amazon Prime

Fleabag (S1)

Phoebe Waller-Bridge writes and stars in this riotous six-part sitcom about a single woman’s attempts to navigate the many pitfalls of modern London life. Even if that sounds like a hackneyed synopsis, or one that fits roughly 10,000 British sitcoms, we suggest you delve in anyway, because Waller-Bridge’s eyes-open approach – acerbic, dry, unashamed, raw – doesn’t feel unoriginal in the slightest. It’s also really, really funny, which is probably worth mentioning too.

A second series, with both Waller-Bridge and on-screen rival Olivia Colman returning, is also now available to stream on Prime Video – albeit not for free. If you have access to BBC iPlayer, however, have at it on there.

Watch Fleabag on Amazon Prime

What We Do in the Shadows

Outstanding horror-comedies are few and far between – for every An American Werewolf in London, there are five Scary Movies – but this Kiwi mockumentary (directed by and starring Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi as well as Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement) about a group of dysfunctional vampires house-sharing hits the spot dead-on.

With plenty of laughs mined from the awkwardness of being a neurotic immortal living in the modern world, it errs on the comedy side of the line, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without the occasional genuine bit of creepiness. If you’re as much fan of This Is Spinal Tap as you are of The Lost Boys, here’s a movie that you certainly won’t think, er, sucks.

Watch What We Do in the Shadows on Amazon Prime