20 of the best apps for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Got a shiny new Apple smartphone? Then you'll want to fill it with these 20 essential apps

So you’ve got your new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. It’s got a big screen, more raw power than you can shake a stick at, and all of iOS 9’s goodies awaiting your digits. Great!

But unless you’ve got the right apps, you can’t take full advantage of all this lovely technology.

We’ve therefore scoured the App Store to find 20 of the best. You can thank us later.

(Many thanks to Pixeden for the fabulous iPhone mockups)

1) Dropbox (£free)

You might question Dropbox being in this list. But while it’s admittedly not the most exciting app in the world, the cloud file-manager is a really great way to play with some of your iPhone’s new toys, entirely for free.

3D Touch on the Home screen icon gives you Quick Actions to search, upload a photo, view offline files, or get at your most recently edited document. Within the app, Peek and Pop gestures, respectively, offer fast previews and quick subsequent access to files.

Download Dropbox for iOS here

2) Instagram (£free)

Much like Dropbox, Instagram’s a good bet for playing around with 3D Touch. Quick Actions let you quickly get to direct messages and new activity, make a new post, or start a search.

Within the app, Peek proves excellent for viewing photos within feeds, but without opening new pages. This kind of browsing becomes second-nature so quickly that you’ll feel lost on a device without it.

Download Instagram for iOS here

3) Hipstamatic Camera (£1.49)

The latest update to Hipstamatic Camera has proven controversial and divisive. The virtual hipster camera has now gone conventional, with a typically iOS camera view and the means to add filters after you’ve taken and saved a clean image. Horrors!

Never fear, though, because the classic view remains. Even better, there’s full-resolution processing for the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cameras, and 3D Touch for quickly getting to your last photo, or shooting a portrait, sunset or some food. Yes, food. So not entirely hipster-free, then.

Download Hipstamatic camera for iOS here

4) Sky Guide (£2.29)

When it comes to stargazing with an iPhone, Sky Guide is unquestionably the most usable and beautiful app of its kind. The interface is elegant, and the app is packed full of information, enabling you to dig deep into the facts, or just meander about the night sky.

It also takes full advantage of Apple’s latest kit: the app is fully optimised for larger iPhones (now including widescreen support); there’s a Today view Notification Center widget (rise/set times for the sun, moon and planets); you can search using Spotlight; and there are Quick Actions for favourites, search, and satellite passes.

Download Sky Guide for iOS here

5) Documents (£free)

In iOS 9, you now get an optional iCloud Drive app (Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Show on Home Screen to activate it), for delving into your cloud documents. But we’ve long used the free Documents app for this, because it gives you access to other online storage locations as well, along with enabling you to manage, archive and share files with ease.

With the latest iPhones, you get Quick Actions for speedy access to recent and favourite files, or for starting a search; and for any iOS 9 user, files can be searched for in Spotlight.

Download Documents for iOS here